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How I Help You

Have you ever had an advocate in your life?  Someone who looks out for you?  Well, that's what I am.  I am your personal advocate and I help you navigate the waters of being unemployed.


What does that mean exactly?  Well for starters it means that I am going to work with you - for free -  and determine if I believe you are eligible for additional benefits here in the State.  If I do, then I will work with you step by step, walking you through the process - from finding the right people to work with, filing your claims, to dealing with any additional questions, etc.


The only time I get paid is if I get you paid.   Period.


So how much can you get?  You can get up to 1252.00 per week for 52 weeks - and it can be tax-free as well.


So if you are unemployed - come talk to me and I will help you figure out if you are a good candidate for any other programs.  You have nothing to lose and the call is free.





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